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Little Scholars Schools - WELCOME!

LITTLE SCHOLARS SCHOOLS’ mission is to serve superbly children of the Greater Little Rock community, 15 months through Grade 5, by developing each child’s full potential through loving care, superior academic services, and quality programming.

LITTLE SCHOLARS SCHOOLS (LSS), originally PROFESSIONAL EDUCATORS INSTITUTE, is an outgrowth of a 1990 effort to address the ongoing, local need for quality children’s education in a financially challenged area of Little Rock. It started as a private, non-profit school for students in Kindergarten through Grade 8, its emphasis being on reading and comprehension, its intent being to provide quality educational services at a fraction of public school cost, and its purpose being to demonstrate that the concepts were transferable.

In 1997, the school expanded its services to include a learning center for students, 18 months through 4 years. However, a few years later, the school found it necessary to curtail services to Grade 5 through Grade 8 due to the unavailability of suitable facilities. In 2005, Little Rock’s pressing need for additional quality childcare centers stimulated the construction of a new child care center at LITTLE SCHOLARS, it having many of the amenities of the finest, and the modernization of its other buildings related to child care. All the renovation and new construction activity was accomplished by austere management and without any solicitation of funds.

Currently, LITTLE SCHOLARS SCHOOLS operates two campuses on Stanton Road, Little Rock, they providing services at LITTLE SCHOLARS LEARNING CENTER to about 80 fledgling EDU-GATORS, 15 months through 4 years, and at LITTLE SCHOLARS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL for about 40 EDU-GATORS, Kindergarten through Grade 6.

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