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LITTLE SCHOLARS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (LSES), located in an unremarkable, blue-roofed building at 8405 Stanton Road, SWLR and accommodating a maximum of sixty (60) students in Kindergarten through Grade 5, is known for the academic prowess of its students. Few would contest that academically, it has no peers (Click here to view student success on the Stanford exams given in 2008).

Four factors are significant in explaining LSES’ success: small student to faculty ratio, an environment conducive to learning, dedicated teachers who are persistent in helping students develop their potential, and a proven system that has produced “winners” for Mrs. Sipe, its Principal, for over forty (40) years.

In addition to academics, students are enriched by participating in dance, tumbling, and aerobics classes, challenged by server-driven computer lab activities, provided opportunities to exhibit their talents during art and music sessions, and kept healthy by vigorous daily physical activity.

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