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Little Scholars Schools - WELCOME!

For 25 years, LITTLE SCHOLARS has been part of the educational fabric of Southwest Little Rock, providing private school options for kids 15 months through Grade 5. Our classrooms are rich in reading, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) plus a proven curriculum covering all the essential subject areas.
LITTLE SCHOLARS SCHOOLS’ knows well planned nutrition is key to a child ability to concentrate and learn. Rather than serving pre-prepared or industrial food services, Little Scholars buys fresh meats, veggies, fruits and desserts and custom prepares every meal (breakfast, lunch and snacks) from scratch. Mmmm .. delicious.
Enrichment programs including exercise, sports, field trips, music, dance and gymnastics are a staple of student life at LITTLE SCHOLARS. These activities keep little bodies healthy, little minds sharp and expose children to worlds of learning beyond the books.
After School
Students from across the community benefit from our After School program. Our teaching teams help students with homework, prepare a tasty snack, and engage students in activities that build self-confidence and friendships.
Summertime brings about a season of student life at LITTLE SCHOLARS, switching the emphasis to fun and enriching experiences, including partnerships with the City of Little Rock for recreational programs. Our main purpose for the summertime is creating great memories while ensuring students do not loose academic ground.
LITTLE SCHOLARS is connected to the neighborhoods of Southwest Little Rock through the parents of our students and through campus events scheduled throughout the year. Our Cinco de Mayo celebration, for example, includes games, food and fun for the whole community.

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